Kigali: Unesco in partnership with different schools gives training to teaching new program in technology

UNESCO on this 4th Mai in partnership with RCMRD, start a training  workshop of  2 Days the Topic of this workshop: is on space challenge Toolkit of different schools this program , is to enlighten and equip the student on the use of space technology, in solving societal issues and challenger , so the program come to help the student from primary, and High School to enlighten and to equip them  with all tools and material, facilitation, and curriculum  and more practical technical skills in science and innovation to gain more experience to implemented  and challenge.

Lycée de Kigali Director Martin Magabo

The program is support to start on 20 District in 16 schools on different Region of Rwanda.

The director of the Lycée de Kigali, Martin Magabo, who was present at the workshop, said he was happy to have had a good time because it was a benefit of the two-day workshop, which he said would also encourage their leaders, including teachers, in particular. ‘We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this workshop because they have been able to show us that there is something we need to change in terms of providing science-based knowledge that there is no such thing as technology-free education at the moment.’

He said that the student now day need to no more in science and technology to help them to make better Research

He added that such trainings were a great way to increase knowledge for each other as long as one is always required to study. “So one always learns like this when it comes to increasing one’s knowledge because it has a place for the teacher to take steps to impart the knowledge he or she has in a way that makes the children also love what they are taught,” he said.

Kennett Kasera, the Program Leads

Kenneth Kesera, one of the facilitators, said: “We really offer this training to help others know where they are, to keep up with the latest developments in Sciences and Mathematic in technology, and innovation, Sector because there is no development without the provision of technology in schools, especially from young people.”

He said he was pleased to welcome not only the principals who represent the schools but also the government leaders in the various schools and the teachers themselves who are among the ones who helped them get out of this situation because we know they are the best way to reach out to those who deserve it.The program is expected to start at 16 start-ups in twenty districts schools in Rwanda and is expected to start learning from the new technology, according to Dominique, from UNSCO representative at the workshop. he said” as mention one of some schools like “vision center” is one of the schools  starting to learning the new program her in Rwanda.

Napoleon Mugenzi

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