kigali: Gardaworld has Rebranded  two security companies in Rwanda

Gardaworld entered the market for security management in Rwanda, buying KK Security in 2020, in addition to the Agespro it had bought in 2016, but it was not immediately renamed.

       Employees receives Certificates paid to promote a culture of excellence

At the launch of Gardworld in Rwanda, RDB’s Director of Investment, Tuyishimwe Pacifique, returned to the benefits of investing in Rwanda and called on Gardaworld to innovate in the Rwandan market.

“First of all, thank you for thinking about investing here in Rwanda. Rwanda will always open its doors to every center with good intentions. That is what we are among the leading countries in security and it is a good reason to invest in the country. It’s a great opportunity”.

Canadian-based global security company Gardaworld, which recently bought KK Security and Agespro in Rwanda, was briefed on the possibility of investing in Rwanda, reaffirming its partnership with the National Development Agency. in Rwanda, RDB.

Gordaworld operates worldwide in 15 countries, with 3,700 employees in Rwanda, making it the first company in the country to manage security.

In addition to safety management, the center also provides fire fighting services, medical assistance, environmental awareness training, air travel safety, provision of state-of-the-art safety equipment and more. East African Regional Director for Gardaworld, Nicolas Arnold, said the decision to invest in Rwanda was based on a national policy to facilitate investors and ensure security in the country.

Gardaworld CEO Oliver Westmacott said he was pleased to enter the Rwandan market

Gardaworld CEO Oliver Westmacott said the purchase of the two companies had already strengthened their commitment to the security market in Rwanda.

” This shows that we are achieving our goals in Africa, both in Rwanda, in the region and at the international level, and we are delighted to continue to expand and will continue to expand good relations with Rwanda and its people”.

The official said they would work to develop their employees and especially that the problem of poor living conditions among security personnel has been on the rise in recent days. He said they plan to increase training, thank the best performers and promote their employees, all with the aim of helping them take care of their daily lives, as it is the key to the best productivity provided by the employee.

East African Regional Director of Gardaworld, Nicolas Arnold, said that the choice to invest in Rwanda is based on the country’s policy of facilitating investors

The management team at Gardaword is delighted with the opportunity that this rebrand offers the Company, its employees, its clients and all the communities in which it operates. GardaWord looks Forwards to Contributing positively to the Rwanda Economy in the years to Come.said Nicolas Arnold that is leveraging 30 years of worldwide knownloge and capacity to provider tangible results like: in Security Risk Advisory, Crisis Management , Travel Security, Executive Protection , Cyber Security.

The director of Gardaworld in Rwanda, William Gichohi, said they were ready to provide better services

Gardaword is one of the largest privately owned integred security, cash solution and risk management company in the word, with an emphasis on integrity , vigilance, trust and respesct. With strong presence in North America, Africa, the Middle East and other regions servicing more than 35.000 clients, Gardword and its brands are uniquely positioned and resources to support security needs, wether they are local, region or international. The company’s brands include Gardaword Security Services, Best Crowd Management, ECAMSECURE ans Crisis24.

RDB Investment Officer Tuyishime Pacifique urges Gardaworld to promote innovation in the Rwandan market

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