Bugesera: Imana Steel a leader in manufacturing of still for stronger Rwanda

Located in Gashora Sector, Bugesera District, Imana Steel Limited Rwanda is an International Steel manufacturing company based in Rwanda with its offices in Nyarugenge. The company has been in operations for the past 13 years.

The company boosts the workforce of 50 workers and 400 subcontracted workers in its facilities.  Hashi Kumar Singh, the Admin Department at the factory says; “the factory is made up of two units. The first one is the furnace and the second one is the rolling unit. The furnace produces the raw materials from metal scrap to make the steel pallets. In the rolling unit that’s where we make the steel bars from the pallets materials.” He says.

Hashi Kumar Singh, the Admin Department at the factory

The factory has two laboratories one at the furnace which checks the chemical composition and the quality, and after which the steel bars are checked through the second lab for strength, quality and tensile of the metal bars. Lab one at the furnace is completely automated and computerized while at lab two the process is done manually.

During its movement at the production line the pallets from the melting furnace is then, transformed to metal bars of different sizes in accordance to customers’ needs. The metal bars then travel to the cooling zone after which they will be tested for metal composition, strength and flexibility and so on.

After passing through all the production line stages the company workers start the process of dispatching to clients.

The raw materials are imported from Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, India and some from Rwanda. The company produces more than 250 tones a day. The factory in full capacity works for 12 hours

Covid-19 directives respected

As you enter the factories premises you are welcomed by a security officer who will direct you to the handwashing stations and measure your temperature. The factory has a changing rooms and a first aid emergency room in case of accidents. To date none of its employees has ever been diagnosed with Covid-19 virus, thanks to continued staff trainings and the strict prevention measures.

Workers testimonies

Martin Nsengiyumva, in charge of stock has been working with the company since 2016. Most of us working from here come from different districts of Rwanda but the majority are locals. We get paid well and on time. We have two tpes of workers, the monthly paid company workers and laborers who are sub contracted through a third party who are not paid through banks. We also have health insurance provided by the company.

Martin Nsengiyumva, in charge of stock has been working with the company since 2016

Respecting workers rights

Mr. Mehul Brahmbhatt, the companies Chief Operations Officer at Imana Steel Rwanda limited says; we respect all the labour laws, we give health insurance, monthly leave benefits and overtime. We provide all the safety gear to our workers different from other companies in the same sector.

Mr. Mehul Brahmbhatt, the companies Chief Operations Officer at Imana Steel Rwanda limited

Let’s make it clear, in the past there has been some rumors that we do not treat well our workers, all our workers enjoy equally all their rights but, again we have laborers who have been subcontracted from another company called Pioner Contractors Ltd, those ones are not our responsibility. The sub contractor also abides the Rwandan laws for the betterment of the production.

Leading the market

Our company contributes to the national production of metal steel bars by 48% in the market shares and growing. Meanwhile our clients in our profile are 70% Rwanda projects and 20% in DRC and 10% in Burundi through exports.

Among our projects are Kigali Arena, I&M bank headquarters, Gahanga bulk water supply, African Leadership University, Nyabugogo bridge, Nyarugenge District Hospital, Silverback Mall. Major companies we are dealing with are Summa, Real Contractors, Horizon, NPD COTRACO, Roko, Wasac, Landmark,  Zigama bank head office, CRB Chinese company. Our biggest client at the moment is the Bugesera International Airport.

The company also pays the government coffers 250 million francs per month in electricity bills only. Between, 270 – 300 million Rwandan francs in taxes to the government per month in VAT terms.

The company plans for more expansion in the near future due to the increase in demand in Rwanda and across the region.


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