Kigali: Airtel Rwanda raised its customers with a free transaction

Airtel Rwanda has lowered the cost for its customers when they transfer to send and receive money free of charge.


Today, June 2, 2021, Airtel continues to increase development ground by offering better services including free calls, high speed internet connection, and free money transfers.

Airtel Rwanda’s management says the growth rate has been reduced by 20%

In an interview with Airtel Rwanda on Wednesday, the company’s CEO,  Amit Chawla, said that eliminating the cost of remittances would help in economic development. “We know the challenges and challenges our customers face due to Covid-19, so to help them send and receive the money we charged you, you can now send up to 2,000,000 Frw three times a day wherever you are in the country for free,” he said.

Airtel Rwanda CEO Amit Chawla says eliminating the cost of remittances will help in economic development.

“From Airtel Money, we have reduced by 20% what they used to cut, which puts us in a better position in Rwanda because we are the ones who give the cheapest to Rwandans,” he said. “People who were worried about getting Airtel Money services have been reimbursed because we are close to them, in the city of Kigali we have increased to 71 Airtel Money branches, in addition to the Airtel Rwanda branches which have been doubled to 15”.

Airtel Rwanda CEO Amit Chawla assured Rwandans that this would continue, telling them that now you buy electricity from Airtel Money and get a 1% refund, urging every Rwandan to participate in using Airtel Money.

Nationwide, there are about 1,590 Airtel Money customers, while up to four million Airtel Rwanda customers.

Pierre Kayitana, Director of Airtel Money in Rwanda

Pierre Kayitana, Director of Airtel Money in Rwanda, said that the reforms will continue with Airtel Money to improve its services to its customers  Pierre Kayitana, CEO of Airtel Money in Rwanda, added that customers should not be worried because in addition to being free and regular Airtel branches.

Currently, these stores, called Airtel Money branches are available in every Kigali City office and help customers and agents to deposit and withdraw any amount of money per week with a reduction in the cost of Airtel SIM cards, it can be purchased at the Agent or Service Center for only 200 RWF, and previously it cost 500 RWF.

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