Rwanda: Finding the culture to educate the family to raise the child with appropriate food to drink milk

The Rwandan government says it wants to increase milk production and increase the number of Rwandans who drink it to 72 liters per year. Under the program, the Government of Rwanda has committed to increase the milk production from 895 to 1,274,554 tonnes by 2024. tonnes produced in 2020.    

In celebration of International Milk Day on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at a ceremony in Burera District in Ruhunde Sector, parents were advised to increase the number of dairy cows and encourage their children to drink milk and protect them from other beverages. infertile because it has a detrimental effect on their health.The vast majority of the region’s population is subsistence farmers and ranchers, but malnutrition and malnutrition remain a problem, resulting from a low perception of milk and low productivity in general.

Musiime Umurungi Florence, Executive Secretary of the Rwanda Collections Association

When you talk to some of these parents, there are those who still think that breeding bulls is good for them because it provides a lot of fertilizer and in a short time. It allows them to get enough produce without paying attention to dairy cows. “The bull is so big that it’s cracking and the manure is increasing so that I don’t change it every week, but the mother who spends almost a month waiting for the manure. how I’m going to change the livestock and get that fertilizer and milk and get it”.

Karimwabo Joseph also said, “I’m not lying at home. We can even spend a week without drinking most of the milk because we only see it and buy it. When there is a mother’s cow, then we die from it and you feel like it’s not always there. the same mother and calf I see all over the malnutrition and in our neighbors. ”

 Burera Deputy Mayor for Finance, Economy and Development Joseph Munyaneza confirms that although there are some who have the idea to raise cattle, especially to get fertilizer, they will continue the campaign to encourage and make it easier for people to get milk and manure at the same time.

 “It simply came to our notice then. we will continue to reach out to the people and educate them and make it easier for them to get cows that provide fertilizer and milk at the same time so that it will also help us to get enough drinking milk to eradicate malnutrition, especially what is seen in young children and cause them to become infertile, ” he said.

Musiime Umurungi Florence, Executive Secretary of the Rwanda Collections Association, says their goal is to educate and break the habit of raising children with crutches and other alcoholic beverages and instead give them milk to help them grow.

 “We want to educate the public about raising enough dairy cows instead of multiplying dairy cows and reducing them, while the culture of drinking milk replaces the practice of training children to drink dairy, legumes, alcohol and other non-essential foods,” he said.

 During the milking campaign, about 600 children from the Gitovu School Complex were given 300 liters of milk and milk was distributed to students at various schools. Milk is a drink that is rich in many nutrients needed by the human body such as calcium, protein and vitamin D.

The International Day for the Remembrance of Drinking Milk was given to children in Burera District

 Human body needs nutrients to keep it functioning normally. These are needed to provide energy, regularize all the physiological processes of the body, minimize damage to various body parts and help in rejuvenating body’s cells and tissues. For all these functions, one needs nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc etc.

Lack of any one or more of these nutrients causes specific deficiency symptoms and signs. Deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 can cause anemia, where the level of red blood corpuscles in the body is less than normal. This is manifested by weakness, body ache, breathlessness on exertion and palpitations. Chronic anemia can affect the heart causing chronic heart failure.

Calcium deficiency causes softening of bones, pathological fractures, and musculoskeletal pains and can affect rhythm of the heart. Dry brittle hairs, excess hair fall, swelling of feet and reduced immunity occur due to protein deficiency.

Deficiency of various vitamins manifests in various ways like vitamin A deficiency causes impaired night vision, Vitamin B.

complex deficiency causes dryness of skin, abnormal sensations, Body’s ability to fight infections is reduced due to vitamin C. deficiency, whereas bones become weak due to vitamin D. deficiency. Even fat is necessary for the body. Lack of adequate amount of fat in the body causes weakness and even impairs various metabolic processes of the body.

Fat is necessary for production of sex hormones and absorption of vitamins like vitamin A and E. Hence deficiency of fat can also cause hormonal disorders and symptoms of deficiency of vitamin A and E. Contribution of body fat in providing shape to the body and glow to the face is undisputed.

As deficiency of nutrients makes one sick, so does excess of nutrients. Excess of vitamins causes toxicity. Obesity occurs when calories are consumed in excess of their requirement. This becomes a precursor of many diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, It also predisposes one to early and more severe form of degenerative changes of joints mainly backbone, knees and hips.

Malnutrition of any kind can derange the hormonal balance of the body, causing menstrual disorders in LOLO women and reduced fertility in both genders. A beautiful skin needs many nutrients including vitamins, proteins and fats.

Therefore, it is important for an individual to maintain a normal body weight, based on height and weight. It is calculated by the body mass index  less than 18 indicates starvation and malnutrition, whereas BMI more than 25 indicates obesity. Diet is the first and most important factor in this regard. Diet should be balanced containing all essential nutrients.

This includes fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products, fish, whole grains and nuts. Ideally food should be freshly cooked, instead of processed, because nutrients are retained best in freshly prepared foods. Alcohol adds on to calories and provides no nutrition, hence best avoided.

Same is for white sugar. Honey and other natural sweeteners like maple syrup should be preferred over white sugar, if one wants a sweet taste. An overweight person needs to reduce weight, whereas an underweight person has to add calories. Role of physical exercise is equally important in maintaining normal body weight by burning calories not needed for the body.

It can be of any form depending on age, physical build, stamina and one’s liking. One should not exercise beyond point of endurance. In fact, being physically active throughout the day is useful in keeping body fit by all means. If somebody exercises for 20-30 minutes each morning and then spends the entire day sitting, fat would tend to accumulate on abdomen and hips (central obesity).

This is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome, where body cells become resistant to insulin, making one prone to diabetes, hypertension, lipid abnormalities and heart diseases. To keep the body healthy, it should be nourished adequately.

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