Rwanda/Kayonza: People understand the benefits of testing HIV on time


In Rwanda, children born to HIV-infected women are monitored during pregnancy, birth, and nursing until they are 2 years old.

Among these children, 1% are found to be HIV-positive, while 99% are HIV-free. The implementation of this program is the result of the high level of awareness of submission to the test when the mother finds out that she is pregnant in order to prevent the mother from infecting the child with the HIV virus, which was also supported by various parents in the Kayonza district.

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Jeannette, who lives in Kayonza district, Mukarange sector, who is pregnant for the second time, helped me by announcing that they are encouraged that as soon as a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she should hurry to the doctor with her husband to find out how they are doing.

She said, “We understood the advantages of going to the test with a man as soon as a person finds out that he is pregnant, because if you know your situation, it helps them to take measures to protect the child from being infected with HIV whether they are pregnant, giving birth or breastfeeding.” The campaign continues…

The head of the AIDS department at the National Health Center “RBC”, Dr Ikuzo Basile, says that when a mother finds out she is pregnant, she is encouraged to go to the doctor. He said, “In the tests that a pregnant mother gives to the doctor, she is tested for HIV and she is given enough information based on the results that will help her to know how to behave during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding in order to avoid infecting the child whileshe is already infected with HIV.

The head of the AIDS department at the National Health Center “RBC”, Dr Ikuzo Basile / Photo Amahoro

Statistics show that in Rwanda, 98% of pregnant women with HIV are taking antiretroviral drugs, but the National Health Center “RBC” reports that there is a gap of 2% of those who do not take these drugs. it will come out even if the target is 98% achieved.

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